• A Important Tool for Business Owners is Now Available


         For business owners, knowing if their patrons are who they say they are is very important. With an ID analyzer, a business owner can check to see driver licenses, ID cards, and passports are real. It doesn't matter where the boss is from. The ID analyzer can substantate those documents from over 150 countries. This tool can give the business owner peace of mind with added security from fraud transactions. A business owner doesn't need to know any programming skills to operate this tool. The ID analyzer has functions that are built-in. If the business owner wants more information of their patron, they can add to the list of verification measures.


    With this ID analyzer, a business owner will be able to know all the information on a driver's license, passport, and ID card even when the picture of the ID document is not so good of a picture. The ID analyzer uses an advanced computer technology to pluck out the information. Another way the ID analyzer can verify ID documents is to substantiate if the ID picture is real. The advanced technology can compare photos on two documents to see how similar they are. If a still picture is not suitable, a video can work to compare facial features. The ID analyzer can also make sure the document is authentic by searching the internet, and seeing if the image had been modified in any way. A business owner can know their business is safe from fraud by using this tool because it will instantly expose the fraud.

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