• ID Analyzer to Verify Documents

    ID Analyzer to Verify Documents


    How You Can Use ID Analyzer to Verify Documents and Identity of Your Customers


    Technology can enable people to fake identity and commit felonies under the cover. Yet, technology can also help detect this fraud. IDAnalyzer is a computer-powered online identity check API service. It enables you to check identity for all documents against their holders.


    How IDAnalyzer Works

    IDAnalyzer uses optical character recognition (OCR) to encode all data for machine-reading. The OCR engines enable the application to recognize information in the barcode. It also checks the machine-readable zone (MRZ) of ID or passport and converts it into readable text.


    The program can check the customer’s bio-data, including the biometrics of face and voice. It can also confirm their face against videos and still photos. Besides, it checks other documents that support the nationality of your customer.

    ID analyzer has its system of verifying information without relying on extra programming. Do this by feeding the customer's information into the system. That enables the application to confirm whether the information is correct or not.

    The customer should submit their identity documents or any other photo of themselves. IDAnalyzer will then establish how similar the face on the ID is to the one in the system. Besides, the system can use its speech to text technology to verify the client's voice on your prompt.


    It checks documents from any region of the world. Currently, the system works with these documents:

    • Identity cards

    • Passports

    • Driving licenses


    Still, it is open to suggestions on the inclusion of unsupported documents. You may need to reach out to the technology provider using their contact information on the app. For more details read on passport verification.




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