• What Is An ID Analyzer?

    What Is An ID Analyzer?

    Are you currently trying to figure out if you should invest in an Identification System (IS), Identity Analytics, or a Photo ID system? If you're like most people, you probably have a decent amount of uncertainty because you don't know what the difference between an IS and an ID is. However, you'll find that they are both similar enough that you probably won't notice the difference but not quite as similar as you might think. A truly global ID verification system with the assistance of an ID Analyzer can really put those fears to rest once and for all.

    What are the advantages of an ID Analyzer? If you truly want to be secure with the resources you put into your company, you have to be sure that everyone who is associated with it, including your employees, is highly trained and qualified to do so. A photo-identification system combined with a truly global ID verification platform is the perfect match for this because it allows you to verify the credentials of your personnel from any location, at any time. This also significantly reduces costs because there is no need to provide an accurate calibration to your personnel's badges and ID cards from each country.

    What is an ID Analyzer? According to the ID Analytics manual, "An ID analyzer is a computer application used in implementing policies and procedures related to the implementation of ID cards and ID access control." To get the most benefit out of this, it's important that your operators are knowledgeable about the ID card software but also trained on how to work the ID analyzers. Training for your operators is critical because, without training, your operators could be confused about which application to use to solve a particular problem and could end up wasting time or causing a buffer overflow attack in your office.

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