• What Is ID Analyzer Software And How Does It Work?

    What is ID analyzer software and how does it work?

    Identification such as a driver's license or passport is necessary for a range of activities from driving, to travel to getting a job. Though ID document technology has advanced greatly in the past few years, there are still ways to fake these documents. The most common ones that are faked are drivers licenses, but people also can fake passports, although it is much harder. To help combat this fraud, it is best to use an ID analyzer.

    What is it?

    An ID analyzer is a software program that extracts data from the ID and checks it to make sure it is legitimate and that it matches up to the person using it.

    How does it work?

    Most ID analyzer programs are pretty simple to use. They allow you to take a photo of the ID documents and then run them through a database to verify identity, age and other specific characteristics. This is done in a matter of minutes and sometimes even seconds.

    Who can benefit?

    There are a range of businesses and government agencies that can benefit from using ID analyzer software. Bars that want to restrict access to people 21 and older can use the software to quickly spot fake IDs. Businesses can use the software in hiring to ensure the people they are hiring are who they say they are and aren't in the country illegally or trying to cover up a criminal background. 

    Using an ID analyzer software program will not only increase your security, it also can save you money by performing quick background checks on people. The investment is one you should consider making.

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